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August 1, 2010 guitar effects pedals
Route Box & Match Box

guitar effects pedals

Route Box:
A brilliant double A/B box for routing two guitars to either of two amps, i.e. you're out on a gig playing both acoustic and electric guitar and you are using two different amplifiers(electric and acoustic) but only one pedal board. The solution is very simple!
* Connect the two guitars to each instrument input on the Route Box.
* Then run the output of the Route Box to the first pedal on the pedal board.
* Next take the board output to the Route Box amp select input.
* Finally take the amp select output to each of the two amps.
This way you very conveniently route either of your two guitars through the pedal board to either of the two amps. Another application would be using two types of electric amps, i.e. a Fender and a Marshall. OR two types of electric guitars: Gibson and Fender.

guitar effects pedals

Match Box: 
Imagine playing bass (or guitar) on a gig and you are playing two basses with different output levels to the same amplifier. You first have to first mute the amp to change basses and then adjust the gain to have the same level for both instruments. The solution to the problem is the Match Box.
* With the select switch you simply route either of the two instruments to the amp.
* You then simply adjust input (1) and input (2) so the level is comparable.
Needless to say the Match Box works just as well for guitar as bass.