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October 1, 2010 guitar effects pedals
Buff DeLuxe & Paraloop
guitar effects pedals
Buff Deluxe:
Designed to be used in conjunction with guitar pedal boards that have multiple “true bypass” guitar effects pedals. The problem with the use of “true bypass” pedals is that the guitar signal is high impedance. This results in the loss of both high frequencies AND signal level due to long cable runs to the amplifier. The solution is to use the Buff DeLuxe. There are two buffers in it so connect it as follows: 
* First run the guitar directly into buffer (1) input.
* From buffer (1) output to the first pedal (usually a Wah Wah if you have one) and then on through to the rest of the pedals.
* From the last pedal on the board run it back into buffer (2) input.
* Finally from buffer (2) output to the amplifier input.
The result is stunning; the tone is clearer, bigger and more present! This minimizes the detrimental effect of long cable runs by converting the signal to low impedance. The tuner out and mute switch is an extra bonus to avoid the tuner being part of the signal chain; you can use the mute switch for convenient silent guitar tuning.

guitar effects pedals
* The Paraloop is designed for use with guitar amplifiers that have serial effects loops only and when you are using a digital multi effects guitar pedal. By using it you have the ability to blend the “dry” direct analog guitar signal with the "wet" digital effects signal. This way you maintain the guitar’s pure analog tone and add whatever effects you are using on top instead of amplifying the processed sound that would normally come directly out of the digital effects pedal. You get the best of both worlds!
* Another useful application is to use the Paraloop with bass guitar. You can blend in a distortion or chorus pedal with the mix control and maintain the fidelity of the pure bass signal to get a better tone when using effects with your bass guitar.