Koch News

November 1, 2010
Koch Loadbox II power attenuator
The Koch Loadbox II power attenuator is an innovative ‘multi-tool’ that should be found in every serious guitar players’ kit, as a solution to many possible situations. Quality, tone and clarity are important to guitar players, so by creating the Loadbox with extra heavy duty components, stainless steel housing and a host of features, we believe that we have met those criteria. As a straight output power attenuator, the Koch Loadbox can handle a continuous 120 watts at any of 7 output levels with unparalleled clarity and without loss of tone. The user also has the choice of various outputs to channel the attenuated signal through…single or multiple cabinets (depending on impedance), padded or non-padded direct outputs, a transformer balanced XLR DI output and line output for PA/Recording which both share voicing switches for microphone placement and cabinet style.

The Loadbox can also be used as a straight transformer balanced DI, or to convert almost any amp into a headphone amp for rehearsing. Whether recording, performing or rehearsing, let your amp run at its fattest juiciest and loudest level….and use the Loadbox to tame the output to a user friendly volume. The LB120 Loadbox II is available in a 4, 8 or 16ohm version.

Kock Loadbox II