NvS Sound

OPT-2 Dual channel Bass Amplifer


Very efficient dual channel class A/B power section (400W RMS @ 4 ohms per channel & 900W peak) for a more musical sound with a by-passable classic style high quality Opto-coupler compressor built in. Features FETs and polypropylene capcitors in pre-amp signal path that have a warm tube-like sound when gain is boosted.

Three input channels EQ, DIRECT and VINTAGE.

1 - EQ.

Features a simple and familiar classic style three band PASSIVE equalizer with boost or cut +/- 6 dB and a five position midrange selector switch for quick and easy operation to achieve very musical countouring EQ section using high quality OP amps.

The EQ frequencies are as follows:

 Bass - 200 Hz low pass shelving

 Mid - Centre frequencies: 500 Hz / 750 Hz / 1000 Hz / 1500 Hz / 1800 Hz. The Q is 1.2

 Treble - 2000 Hz high pass shelving

2 - Direct.

No equalizer in the signal path for the most pure sound possible. This is ideal for Active Bass Guitars that already have onboard EQ. Superimposing EQ on top of EQ is not good; less equalization is always better for good tone. If you need more EQ plug in a graphic equalizer in the insert loop.

3 - Vintage.

You can use the PRESET control to the right. VTG (Vintage -  high frequency roll off for a more classic sound). This changes the corner frequency from 350 Hz. when fully counter clockwise to 150 Hz. when fully turned to the right.


Power: 250 W rms; 540 W peak @ 8 ohms per channel.
Power: 400W rms; 900 W peak @ 4 ohms per channel.
Dynamic Headroom 3.25 db @ 8 / 3.26 db @ 4.

Phase delay than <.5%.
Distortion: <.08%.
Damping > 1000 from 20Hz-400Hz at 4.
Slew rate > 60 v/μsec.

Uses a custom designed high-energy ferrite transformer with an optimized HF switching power supply that generates an incredible amount of energy for extremely fast dynamics and no 60 cycle Hum. Features FET technology on input stage for a more natural tube-like sound. Constructed with selected and matched discreet components throughout to improve traditional balanced class A/B amp design.