Product lines we distribute:

Bullet Cable

Input cables for musical instruments. Curly coil and straight cables in a varity of colours. Solderless plugs for pedal boards both straight and right angled.

Carl Martin
Award winning Boutique Electric Guitar Pedals: Canada only. Please visit the Carl Martin website by clicking the link below to see the extensive line of fine guitar effect pedals and switching systems that are available. There are also many great reviews, sound files and list of endorsers on the site as well.
Thimble Slide Revolutionary egronomic guitar slide. Slide when you want, fret when you need!
DiMarzio dealers

The DiMarzio product lineup includes high quality USA made replacement guitar and bass pickups, guitar parts (pots, switches, pickup covers, screws etc., etc.), cables and straps. Used by many world famous guitar and bass players.

Evidence Audio Dealers
Evidence Audio
High performance instrument cables used by many famous musicians in world class recording studios and live performances. Visit Evidence Audio to find out who. Unique high tech design this is one great guitar cable. The most cost effective improvement to tone you can make for guitars with passive pickups. 1/4 " phone, XLR, TRS and speaker cables available. Custom made cables are available from our Custom Shops, please use the dealer locator to find one. Made in the USA
Ruby Tubes
Replacement Vacuum Tubes. Canada only. Try them and find out why many musicians and manufacturers of tube amplifiers are switching to Ruby Tubes. They are matched and tested extensively to ensure great tone and reliability. Visit the link below to find out more.

Koch Guitar Electronics
High end tube amplifier for guitar made in the Netherlands. "Working Man's Boutique" all tube amplifiers. Flexible, reliable and affordable. Find out who uses Koch guitar ampliiers and why by visiting their web site below, you'd be surprised! There are many sound files and photos to check out as well. "Amps with an Attitube!"
These guys can make anything
Evidence Audio- Custom Shops
Use the drop down menu button above in the dealer locator button above to find one by entering your zip/postal code. These custom shop dealers are capable of doing any kind of work for pedal boards, rack systems or custom cables you might require. They can make non-standard lengths and terminations that regular dealers do not have.
Stagetrix Products
StageTrix Products makes a line of guitar effect pedal accessories especially designed for guitar pedal boards. They are called the Pedal RiserTM and Pedal FastenerTM. It's the kind of product that everyone says "Why didn't anyone make this before?" No need anymore to go to the hardware store and end up with a mess on your pedal board!

Evidence Audio Bulk Cable Dealers
Use the drop down menu button above in the dealer locator button above to find one by entering your zip/postal code. These BULK CABLE dealers are stocking raw Evidence Audio cable. They can supply you with raw EA cable in any length you want..
NvS Sound
Ultra high end bass guitar amplification. Flexible, dynamic and light weight. Hit the NvS Sound button on the menu above for lots more information. World wide sales by Audionova, this is our own line. Designed in Canada.
Gold Line Connector, Inc.
Audio Test Equipment: Real time analyzers, RT 60s, impedance meters, tone generators, pink noise, white noise generators, and audio test sets. TEF analysis for professional audio installers. Canada only.